Disney to buy Marvel in $4 billion deal

“Money, money,money, money… MONEY!” Who said we were in a GFC? Pfffttt…

Now this definitely came as a bit of a suprise to me. Squeaky clean family entertainment company Disney has decided to have a crack at buying out Marvel in a deal worth approximately $4 billion. That’s a lot of coin for a lot of household names in the entertainment biz. I dunno about you, but I fear what may happen to the creative free will the gang over at Marvel are going to have.

Let the crossovers begin...

The latest recruit to the Mickey Mouse Club

Sure, officially the line being towed is that Marvel is essentially gonna be able to tap into the wider business network that Disney can offer but at what cost? Are we gonna see clean cut Marvel characters? The death of some even? Crossovers? So many questions…

Anyway, if you want a more grown-up assessment of the potential sale you can read more about it over at the BBC News site HERE.

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